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Nikola Tesla-Czlowiek ktory mial kontakt z obca cywilizacja
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Los inventos ocultos de Nikola Tesla y la censura de la energía libre

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Nikola Tesla fue un hombre adelantado a su tiempo. Sus inventos han sentado las bases de la industria eléctrica, siendo el creador de la corriente alterna, la bobina de tesla, el generador y muchos otros inventos que se recogen en más de 800 patentes (aunque muchas permanecen ocultas bajo el estado). En este videoprograma hablaremos sobre la vida de tesla, su pensamiento de progreso, las campañas para desprestigiarlo y como ha participado en varios proyectos ocultos con fines militares gracias a sus patentes sobre inventos increíbles.

El libro 12 planeta de Zecharia Sitchin :

En granmisterio todos somos investigadores y nuestra misión es la búsqueda de lo desconocido, porque hay muchas cosas que no nos cuentan. Debatimos todos aquellos temas que nos mantienen ocultos, porque al final, lo único que cuenta es que nosotros debemos construir nuestra propia realidad.

El contenido que se presenta en este video plantea solamente teorías e hipótesis, tiene únicamente como objetivo servir como entretenimiento y/o material de estudio.

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Nikola Tesla Hayatı Ve Buluşları

Zamanın ötesinde yaşayan ilginç adam Nikola Tesla nın hayatı ve icatları, Thomas Edison, alternatif akım, haarp, kablosuz enerji, tesla bobini ve yapmış olduklarıyla hayatıyla dünyaya bakış açısıyla her zaman farklı olan Nikola Tesla hakkında hazırlamış olduğum videoyu umarım severek beğenerek izlersiniz. Şimdiden hepinize iyi seyirler dilerim..


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Tesla’s Autopilot System Is Creepy And Wonderful

We test drove Tesla’s Model S Level 2 autonomous system, known as Autopilot. It was super weird and super fun. Check out the full review here & click below for more:

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Drive free or die!

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How the Tesla Model S is Made | Tesla Motors Part 1 (WIRED)

If founder Elon Musk is right, Tesla Motors just might reinvent the American auto industry—with specialized robots building slick electric cars in a factory straight from the future. That’s where the battery-powered Model S is born.

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How the Tesla Model S is Made – Behind The Scenes – The Window – Wired

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How the Tesla Model S is Made | Tesla Motors Part 1 (WIRED)
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On this episode of Head 2 Head, the newest luxury heavyweight takes on the reigning champ. The Mercedes-Benz S-Class has ruled the luxury roost since it created the segment decades ago. However, Elon Musk’s revolutionary Tesla Model S has single handedly disrupted the established luxury paradigm and has recently outsold the mighty S-Class. What’s most amazing is that the Model S doesn’t use a drop of gas. The S-Class does, but it rewrites the luxury car playbook in other ways. So which 5K big lux whip is best? Watch and find out!

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Nikola Tesla- Jeho šílená elektřina (Cz)

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Ralph Ring is a Natural Scientist and a Creative Technician who in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s worked together with Otis T Carr, a protégé of the great inventor Nikola Tesla, and a team of dedicated scientists on and with alternative technologies, including levitation and teleportation. With the aid of his small team, Carr and Ralph built a number of flying disks which worked. They attempted to commercially manufacture their invention. Their experimentation was terminated by FBI agents. His dream since birth has and is to produce floating homes, cities and countries. In the first hour of this interview, Ralph Ring will discuss the spacecraft technology in the experimental vehicle he co-piloted in 1960, the OTC-X1. The OTC-X1 was powered by rotating electromagnets in conjunction with a number of small, ingenious capacitor-like devices called “Utrons”. He’ll share his story of building, flying, and trying to commercially manufacture this type of technology. Ralph will explain ether technology and magnetism. He’ll also talk about our 3D brain and how belief and consciousness play an important role when operating this type of technology. Ralph’s research assistant and best friend, Marsha Brown-Ring also joins in from time to time. She has been a witness to many events in Ralph’s life. Topics Discussed: ether technology, magnetic energy, magnetism, belief, Otis T Carr, flying discs, spacecrafts, technology, Nikola Tesla, teleportation, FBI, manufacturing spacecrafts, laws of physics, floating homes, OTC-X1, monetary system, Germans, General Motors, 3D brain, multi-verses, crystal consciousness, Los Alamos, Victorville, California, levitation, police witness, unbelief, knowing, wireless technology, utrons, electromagnets, floating cars, brain protective of its job, FBI confiscating crafts and more.
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    Free Energy Generator Plans – The Secret Blueprints of Nikola Tesla

Free Energy Generator Plans – The Secret Blueprints of Nikola Tesla Are free energy generator plans for real? Before I answer that let me share an experience I had. One…

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