Tesla’s Ashes

A few nice tesla nikola images I found:

Tesla’s Ashes
tesla nikola
Image by St Stev
These are on display at the Tesla Museum in Belgrade. This is really worth a visit if you are a science geek like me – the staff are very well informed and will take you on a guided tour of some of his inventions, including some rather spectacular demonstrations…!

Nikola Tesla Statue at Niagara Falls
tesla nikola
Image by amyr_81

Free Atmospheric Electricity Powers Small Motor – Tesla Radiant Energy

I have always wanted to test a radiant energy motor. This little motor is the beginning of my research in that direction. In the near future I will be making larger more powerful motors. The precision required will probably require my 3D printer. Stay tuned for future updates.
LaserSaber online store at: http://teslamaker.com/
Links to books and website: http://laserhacker.com/?p=332
Video correction: The 2000+ watt device was built by Jules Guillot.
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Unlimited phone battery power with Free Energy Generator. Free Energy resonator as phone charger

This is one of my Free Energy Resonators (Free Energy Generators), if you wanna know more info and see more better videos about it, look at my YT channel.

This video is to show you my Free Energy Generators are useful in many aspects, for example for phone battery charging everywhere you are. With this Free Energy Resonator you will never run out of battery.
I tuned up this Free Energy device by coating the antenna with Vanadium to get slightly over 5V, but it doesn’t mean any upgrade or upscale. Is has about 5V but less mAmps than my other Free Energy resonators which has almost the same power as my other 3V resonators.

In this video is also fluorescent lamp to prove I don’t have any tesla coil near this Free Energy Device.


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Developing of my Free Energy Generators took a lot of time and money and I cannot guarantee you the same result.
I am definitely not responsible for your unsuccess if you decide to replicate it. Don’t blame me for your potential failure. It is not my responsibility.
My videos (generators) aren’t primarily intended to be replicated.

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Getting free energy, form a home made antenna, 73 volts of Ac power !

Cool Tesla Nikola images

Check out these tesla nikola images:

Nikola Tesla painted portrait _DDC3442
tesla nikola
Image by Abode of Chaos
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Nikola Tesla Statue
tesla nikola
Image by Matt Mordfin